Experience Your Warehouse with Augmented Reality

How QuickPick Works by Augmented Reality(AR)

  • Warehouse Manager will assign delivery orders to respective warehouse operator.
  • Warehouse Operator would login to the tablet / Mobile by scanning his ID which is Integrated with Odoo and would load a batch of orders to be picked.
  • Automatically the first order will be loaded and would show the details about the product from which rack, section, row needs to be picked for the order.
  • Graphical presentation would be shown on Tablet / Mobile showing the exact location of the products which needs to be picked for that order.
  • Operator will scan the product to be picked by Tablet/ mobile which update the status in the Order.
  • A pick is then complete, and the system updates the order status and inventory levels.
  • The operator executes the prior steps until the batch of orders are completed.

Solutions & Benefits of QuickPick


  • Integration with tablet/Mobile and connectivity with Odoo
  • Product Augmentation
  • Picking order distribution
  • QR-code scanning with Tablets
  • Picking process guidance based on Orders.


  • Faster, more accurate picking process
  • Warehouse efficiency gains that help the bottom line
  • Rapid time to value with fast implementation and quick adoption of intuitive software
  • Shipments go out faster, improving customer satisfaction and increasing revenues.
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