Visa tracking is a comprehensive suite of features and modules that makes Visa tracking very easy.

Odoo ERP for VISA Tracking

Odoo ERP for Visa tracking is a comprehensive suite of features and modules that makes Visa tracking very easy and surprisingly effective for the travel industry. Odoo VISA tracking ERP system not only eliminates the need of manual intervention, but also makes Visa issuing and tracking process a challenge. If managing multiple VISA centers was a big concern earlier, it’s time for you to say goodbye to that challenge as you can now manage multiple VISA processing locations with utmost ease.

Speed up the overall process with access to data on real time basis. Techorg Visa processing system is a complete cloud solution (Sabre) that automates visa processing. This advanced software enables you to formulate a hassle free process that reduces dependence on manual intervention which ultimately results in a faster and more effective visa processing.


Vital Features of Techorg Visa Tracking ERP System


Manage bulk VISA requests with utmost ease-

Now managing bulk visa requests is extremely easy. Techorg Visa Tracking ERP system loaded with amazing upload functionality.

Fully Automated

Bar code facility, Techorg Visa tracking ERP system is equipped with, makes it fully automated as there is no need to enter data manually. Its centralized cost and sales management

Real Time Information- Access anytime-anywhere

Have access to real time data anytime-anywhere for making well informed decisions with the highest level of accuracy and precision.

Accounts & Invoice Generation-

Managing accounts is fairly easy with comprehensive accounts and invoice generation facility.

Centralized Visa System-

Centralized cost/sales price management system reduces overhead by eliminating the need to reimburse individual applicants.

Benefits of Techorg VISA Tracking ERP

  1. Integration of VISA processing services with tours and travel management

  2. Fields to define pricing policies for VISA processing of various types such as Business Visa, Tourist Visa

  3. Have access to scanned documents provided by customers for VISA processing

  4. Auto creation of tasks for each VISA request on country wise basis along with details of the tour.

  5. Auto generation of expense receipts with all details involved.

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