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Odoo ERP for Survey System

Odoo ERP for survey is a simple, robust, highly insightful and user friendly interface that allows you to create, design, edit and organize surveys. Techorg survey system Odoo ERP is the best available one stop solution to address your marketing needs as you can design and create amazingly effective surveys- satisfaction surveys, feedback forms, marketing surveys, product surveys in a few clicks. It not only enables you to create surveys in little or no time, but has also proven highly useful for qualitative and quantitative analysis through statistics and measure response rates.

Right from designing through to creating surveys, analyzing and sharing data, our survey system Odoo ERP is a comprehensive solution that helps you create an effective marketing and sales strategy.


Odoo Survey System Features


Odoo survey system is loaded with plenty of features to help you automate survey management with visible ease.

Design & Edit Surveys– Owing to its highly intuitive user interface and in built survey form building blocks and templates, you can design, create and test surveys in a hassle free manner. If you need any modifications, you can effortlessly make edits in what you see.

Centralized System– Odoo ERP for survey system boasts upon its centralized system which gives you direct insight to sales data and also makes it easy for you to store your survey forms and precious data through its automated process.

Analyze Statistics- Analyze results and statistics in graph, pie charts and other forms in real time. Data is automatically synchronized with your database system and hence it doesn’t require any manual intervention.

Share & Collect Data- Sharing and collecting data is pretty easy with Odoo ERP for survey system’s in-built sharing system. Share data within your organization to come up with an effective marketing and sales strategy.

Benefits of Survey System Odoo ERP

  • Simple and highly instinctive
  • Open source, fast and reliable
  • Centralized database
  • Real time analytics and survey results
  • Automatic synchronization and ease of sharing data
  • Ease of access to data and security to ensure no loss of information
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