Odoo ERP Restaurants

Selecting an Odoo ERP Software for a Restaurant or Hotel brand can be Challenging

Odoo ERP for Restaurants

Odoo ERP for restaurant management is a comprehensive, state of the art ERP for restaurants which is way better than traditional systems. It is about highly efficient management, purchasing, analysis of food and beverage cost, order management, table management, sales management, POS, accounting, contract management with various vendors and customer relationship (membership and loyalty management)

Combined with POS (Point Of Sale), Techorg ERP for restaurant is a full-fledged solution which is highly customizable and a must have software solution for the dining and wining industry. Owing to the amazingly clean interface for POS order entry, thousands of restaurants love to use our Odoo ERP for restaurant.


Restaurant ERP Features


User Defined Fields-

User defined fields such as food categories make restaurant ERP highly customizable and suited for your restaurant business.

Centralized Database-

Techorg Odoo ERP for restaurant offers a centralized database system to help you manage database of multiple restaurants with effective ease. Users from various locations can access and modify data. Effective database management helps you carry out your day to day restaurant operations with utmost ease.

Table Management-

Odoo ERP for table management is equipped with inbuilt functionality to manage table reservations and waiting list to effectively manage dining operations. This functionality helps you avoid customer wait time which results in increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

POS Integration-

POS integrated Odoo ERP for restaurant enables restaurant business to receive payments at the table providing more payment options to their customers. Designed keeping in mind highest level of productivity this POS is the best Odoo web interface catering to your contemporary needs.

Inventory Management-

Inventory management control module helps you curb waste and manage inventory by analyzing consumption patterns of various food materials and beverages. Prevent overstocking and running out of stock for better business continuity.

Benefits of Odoo Restaurant ERP

  • Flexible, scalable and highly customizable

  • Cost effective and time saving

  • Seamless management due to centralized database management system

  • Increased customer satisfaction and better customer relationship

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