Odoo ERP Reporting Tool

A to Z Reporting Tool is complete reporting system

Odoo ERP for Reporting Tool (A to Z)

Techorg Odoo ERP A To Z reporting tool is a comprehensive reporting system equipped with all features required for complete reporting. You can attribute it to the smart user interface that enables organizations to change the tree view without having to get into the complexities of coding. This simply means that your employees with average technical knowledge can also operate the tool with utmost ease. Highly customizable, A to Z reporting tool Odoo ERP is quite secure too.


A-Z Reporting Tool Features


Highly Intuitive User Interface– If you have been looking for a smart and highly perceptive user interface for so long, Techorg Odoo ERP A to Z Reporting tool must be your pick. You can effortlessly add, manage or delete tree views without much knowledge of coding.

Share, Embed & Export- Key day to day activities such as Sharing, embedding, exporting is just a matter of few clicks with Techorg Odoo ERP for A To Z Reporting tool. Get rid of unnecessary fields by deleting single or multiple fields for better reporting management.

Customize & Sort Tree Fields- Customize & sort tree fields according to your requirements in a few clicks. Flexibility to add user defined fields is also a value added feature that comes handy to organizations of all sizes and different requirements.

Manage Tree Views– Managing tree views- Customer details, leads, opportunities, quotations, sales orders, products, product variants or products by categories in a hassle-free manner. You can also change the sequence of tree columns with utmost ease.

Security- Security comes first when it comes to your confidential data and Odoo ERP A to Z reporting tool is highly secure. Users with certain privileges can view or edit certain fields.

Benefits of A to Z Reporting Tool ERP

  • Smart User Interface
  • Highly customizable and secure
  • Scalable to grow with growing business requirements
  • Users with average knowledge of computers can also use it.
  • Return on Investment
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