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Fleet Management ERP increases the efficiency of the vehicle.

Odoo ERP for Fleet(TOFSS) Management

Techorg’s comprehensive Security and Surveillance System is the best GPS based vehicle tracking system that is used by hundreds of companies across India, USA, UK& Middle East. Developed with an innovative outlook and owing to the best of software and hardware, our vehicle tracking system is considered the best fleet management solution which not only reduces maintenance costs and unauthorized use of the vehicle but improves customer experience and efficiency by a fair margin.

Ride towards success with Techorg’s Fleet management Odoo ERP solutions. Owing to excursiveness of amazing features Odoo ERP TOFSS has to offer, you can take your business to another level and beat the heat of the competition easier than ever before. Stand out of the crowd with a distinguished presence by virtue of centralized management and seamless & robust operational structure. Asset management, driver details, operational costs, lease and contract management, vehicle tracking and invoicing made easier than ever before for your fleet business.


Techorg Fleet(TOFSS) ERP Features


User Friendly Administrative System

TOFSS is a one stop destination for complete management of your vehicle business. It’s user friendly administrative system allows you to manage and keep track of vital records such as fuel costs, log entries and lot more. Vehicle tracking to keep unauthorized use of your company vehicles by using Odoo ERP GPS tracking feature is another added advantage.

Driver, Vehicle Speed & Mileage Monitoring

Keep a track of vehicle speed to avoid overspeeding and the distance travelled for mileage tracking. Techorg fleet management system ensures the highest level of accuracy and precision of values as it is integrated with the vehicle’s speedometer and odometer.

Lease & Contract Management

Manage invoices & notes, expiry dates of leases and contracts as well as details and documents required for renewal. Easily setup a vehicle policy for your company.

Accounting, Analysis & Reporting

Make accounting feasible than it ever was by making the customizable features such as accounting. Display and manage costs pertaining to a particular vehicle or service type. Costs on services performed on vehicles which makes investments on your fleet business a cakewalk.

Decreases vehicle care and working prices

In addition to avoiding ill use of the vehicle and extra distance due to out-of-industry trips, it also observers such needs of the vehicles as repairs, service, and care by means of special services. Accordingly it ranges the usual trying out time of the vehicle and saves care and working prices.

Saves time

It averts out-of-business trips by checking the automobiles around the clock. It reports starting and finishing times of the work and improves the work stream. Thus it types great savings in work strength and while.

Saves fuel

It reduces out-of-business use of vehicles and checks bad driving by controlling unnecessary wasting, sudden rushing, slowing down, fast-moving, etc. Thus it saves considerable quantity of fuel.

Increases control

Tracking and controlling around the clock, it growths control and management over the vehicles and drivers. In case of theft or loss of the vehicles, it allows them to be found easily.

Benefits of Odoo Fleet(TOFSS) ERP

  • Contract, expenses &accounting management in a hassle free manner

  • Highly customizable and scalable to your growing business needs

  • Time saving and cost effective

  • Real time reports & analytic

  • 100% ROI (Return On Investment)

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