Odoo ERP Document Management System

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Odoo ERP for Document Management

Odoo ERP for document management system is a full-fledged system that enables you to store, track and manage documents with utmost ease. Apart from ease of access our document management system offers flexibility to create various versions of a particular document for reusability purpose. A number of users can access and modify the document which is another value added feature of our document management ERP.

Its state of the art document imaging system also allows you to capture, store, index and retrieve images of your vital documents and store them on cloud which makes storage and retrieval equally feasible. Ideal for small, middle and large sized organizations, our document management system is a comprehensive customizable solution today catering to needs of diverse business verticals across the globe. Furthermore, our Odoo ERP document management system is highly scalable which means it can be customized to the changing needs of your company as it grows.


Odoo ERP Document Management System Features


Archive– Store documents in one archive in a systematic and secure manner with easy retrieval functionality to access and use anytime in future.

Assigning documents to specific users- Archived documents can also be assigned to specific users or employees and can be searched for using a variety of search options/filers such as content, owner, name, date created, size, priority or category.

Organizing & Filters- You can also set/organize/view /filter documents according to priority or a number of categories defined.

Permission Management- Avoid unauthorized access by using its permission management feature.

Periodic Backups- Document management for ERP also allows you to take periodic backups to help prevent loss of your precious data.

Benefits of Odoo ERP For Document Management

  • Store documents digitally with need to scan only once.

  • Reduced paperwork, reduced storage costs and paperless administration resulting in increased efficiency

  • Instant archive and retrieval of documents.

  • Accessibility, flexibility and highest level of security.

  • Systematic and ease of access

  • Time and cost effective

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