MS-365 Outlook With Odoo

Synchronize Your Microsoft Office 365 Contacts, Mail, Events with Odoo.

MS 365 Outlook With Odoo

Integration between Odoo with the MS 365 Outlook Platform. MS365 Outlook by Odoo makes it very easy to view your MS365 Outlook directly in the Odoo dashboard. Techorg provide synchronize your Microsoft Office 365 contacts, Mail, Events with Odoo. You don’t have to setup any program. Techorg spares all contact information. You will never lose imperative data, regardless of the possibility that you would make a mistake by entering incorrectly information or overwriting inadvertently.

We have dealt with everything so that your information is spared safely. Begin utilizing Techorg and synchronize your contacts, email, events in the middle of Odoo and Microsoft Office 365. The set-up will take few minutes, without the need to know anything in fact about synchronization.


Features of MS-365 Outlook With Odoo

  • Powerful Customer Relationship Management
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Go Mobile with the Solution that Works for You
  • Powerful Integration with all contact, email, events
  • Reports

Techorg saves all contact data. You will never lose important information, even if you would make an error by entering wrong data or overwriting unintentionally. We have taken care of everything so that your data is saved securely. With Techorg, you can incorporate contacts and email and events from Odoo to Microsoft Office 365.

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