Google Analytics With Odoo

Very Easy to View Your Google Analytics Directly in the Odoo Dashboard.

Google Analytics With Odoo

Integration between Odoo with the Google Analytics Platform. Google Analytics by Odoo makes it very easy to view your Google Analytics directly in the Odoo dashboard. When you set up our Google Analytics connector with Odoo, you don’t need to put extra effort into maintaining its operability. It manually refreshes and doesn’t require any information import. You’re most likely as of now utilizing Google Analytics to streamline your site.

It’s anything but difficult to interface Odoo specifically to Google Analytics and delve profound into visitor, bounce rate, session and that’s just the beginning. On the off chance that Google Analytics gathers it, you can break down it—and squash it up with whatever other information set, from CRMs to online networking to demographics, for way more profound experiences. With Odoo, you can safely distribute all or some of your Google Analytics information, so your whole group can utilize it, regardless of the possibility that they don’t have Google Analytics account.


Features of Google Analytics With Odoo

  • Analyze your website-traffic data to increase conversion

  • Odoo Synchronization will help Marketing team to put their efforts in right direction
  • Odoo Analysis would help Marketing team to understand the Target Market and Industries
  • Odoo Interface is more user friendly to understand every one
  • Understand your website’s traffic trends
  • Maximize Your Marketing Efforts with Google Analytics
  • The Modern Approach to Business Intelligence
  • Compare Historical Traffic
  • Monitor all aspects of the business with a Live dashboard
  • Track distance to country dashboard

Analyzing web traffic can offer you some assistance with optimizing results, of your website, e-commerce business. Associated specifically with Google Analytics, this dashboard demonstrates a site’s active visitor, session and bounce rate. Maximize Your Marketing Efforts with Google Analytics.

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